What is Evolve Transportation Inc?

Evolve Transportation Inc. is the first commercial fleet solely comprised of electric vehicles to assist businesses with their transition to sustainable operations. With the introduction of EVs into commercial industry we’re able to save the environment and save on expenses.

The future of transportation and logistics is commercial vehicles equipped with electric motors, advance technology and efficient performance to benefit the environment and revenue. This helps our business clients to lower costs, pollution, waste and to adapt to the environmentally friendly market.

How Are We Optimizing Transportation?

Automotive technology is rapidly adapting to the future of electric vehicles and renewable energy. With Evolve Transportation Inc. businesses can utilize our Electric Fleet to reposition themselves in the market as a green operational business or to accommodate to their clients needs.

Evolve Limousine & Rentals

A sustainable limousine service with zero carbon footprint. The smoothest and most luxurious ride available. Airport Rides, Special Events, Weddings, Tesla Limousine Rentals and Much More.

Evolve Taxi Service (EV-EZ)

A 100% Zero Emission ride hailing and pre-booking taxi company. A clean, courteous, semi-autonomous service that will lessen pollution and fight climate change (Every ten rides will help plant two trees).

Semi-Truck Leasing & Rentals

Less waste is used when businesses lease and rent trucks for their operations: In this sense less vehicles need to be produced by the manufacturer, saving on raw materials and other resources.

Shipping, Fulfillment & Logistics

Eco-Friendly shipping using EVs for deliveries, reusable & recyclable packaging, biodegradable boxes, electric semi-trucks for large and long-haul shipments.

What Does Evolve Do For The Environment?


Improving Green Space

Our forests and agriculture are important to our health and wellness. We will plant trees in rural areas to provide oxygen, improve air quality, climate amelioration, conserve water, preserve soil, and support wildlife.


Fighting Climate Change

Global warming caused by humans drives climate change to rise. Global warming results from fossil fuels being used in transportation & manufacturing. We will lessen this with our operations and by contributing to #FightClimateChange campaigns.


Eliminating Single-Use Plastics

Single use plastics or disposable plastics similar to straws, coffee stirrers and plastic bags are expected to be banned in Canada by 2021. Lessening the use of these plastics will ensure clean oceans and healthy aquatic life.